DocStar vs DocLink

Hi all,

We are trying to implement AP automation. We just received the quotation for implementing DocStar into our E10 system. They seem to charge a lot £££ and we might need new servers as well.
I wanted to learn more about alternatives and found DocLink can be a suitable one.
Can anyone share your experience with DocLink dealing with AP invoices?
Can you tell how DocLink is different to DocStar?
Are there any other alternatives to DocStar?


What sort of automation are you trying to accomplish?

In the AP department. we’d like to reduce paperwork

It also will take months to implement as they are extremely busy.

This document has some good information for your decision.

We are currently transitioning from DocLink to DocStar for the reason that Epicor will drop support of DocLink at the end of this month. Also, after starting the DocStar implementation, our AP people are really impressed with its functionality, especially the OCR capabilities.

FAQ-Epicor ERP Altec to DocStar Migration Customer Communication.pdf (517.3 KB)


Hi, Does OCR comes with DocStar ECM AP Module?

There is a module called Intelligent Data Capture - and it has sub-modules depending on what you want to do. The AP ‘module’ is really a workflow that you pay for, but it REQUIRES some other modules to get the full functionality working.

This guy has all the answers - Eric McCracken (

thanks Mike

I have implemented a AP Automation solution using Doclink. We used Readsoft as our OCR tool which then imports the metadata and image to DocLink. (DocStar IDC is a 3rd party solution that fundamentally does the same thing) (Doclink partners with another IDC provider now). I am only capturing Invoice header details - so bringing in Inv no, Inv date, PO, Inv totals, tax and vendor code.

After the invoice arrives in Doclink I created a Workflow that does a series of validations and if needed - additional approval. If the Invoice can be matched to the PO, then we present the Invoice to be imported in Epicor (E10) via Service Connect. If the Invoice can’t be matched, it is manually entered into E10. We get about 60 - 70% of invoices with PO’s automatically go through.

The biggest advantage for our team is having all the AP Invoices in Doclink. Now all our users get access to their AP Invoices (via security access). All records are now fully indexed and searchable.