Document Versioning?

Greetings Everyone,
We were looking to find how we can take advantage of the ‘versioning’ functionality with documents that are brought in through a workflow. We would like to see if the doc already exists (by Title/filename) & if so, submit the new version which would bump the existing published version to ‘archive’ & publish the new version.

This is how it works when you do an Add to DocStar via a print & routing rule - if you print it a 2nd time, the original captured pdf (v 1.0) goes to ‘archive’ status & the new print job goes as 2.0 & published status.

How can we take advantage of this versioning when bringing in docs via a workflow? I’ve researched this but found nothing so far. Has anyone made this happen? There don’t seem to be any ‘Tasks’ for ‘add version’ or anything like that, so just wondering how we can accomplish this. Support was unhelpful, they’re only response was ‘talk to professional services’, when all we want to do is implement a feature we know exists.

Thanks in advance for any assistance on this topic!

I’ve been looking at this for an hour and I agree with you - APR will version automatically via the API but workflows will not. You cannot even duplicate the check out check in processes inside the workflow.

I’ve got an inside person and I’ll ask them the next time we speak. If I get anything I’ll post here.

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@jfarley The first site is what I found to help me with ECM and tasks. it is very rudimentary, but I have opened up every task there since the label sometimes has nothing to do with the function. It seems versioning is related to a security class and then a user gets assigned versioning permissions.

In Epicor learning I searched for security and came up with a few listings. I did not watch the video, but the course below had a pdf that could help.

I see in my AP workflow a version section and they are all 1.0, but that security class does not have version documents or version publishing checked. I noticed a few of my APR documents also have versions and I never did anything to cause it, so it must be automajic.



Epicor Learning Epicor Learning Center

This is under the guided learning in the ECM upper right dropdown.

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@gpayne That is part of it, it’s also a licensed feature. But it looks like they have that already since they can version using APR.

I found some stuff on a few document meta variables that you can use to prove that the approved version of a document is the published version, but nothing yet on how to do this via the Workflow.

Versioning and Workflow - DocStar - Epicor ERP Knowledge On Demand

Thanks much @gpayne & @MikeGross - this is all very helpful info! That video is great, but the only thing they leave out is how to actually publish a new version of the doc lol. I had thought it was related to ‘checking in’ & out, but I’m not seeing any tasks that allow for ‘publishing’ or checking in or out, etc - I gave the tasks another thorough review too.

I did this in the UI though, checked out a doc, then checked it back in & it does just what we’d want. The old 1.0 version got bumped to ‘archived’ & the new version becomes 2.0 & ‘published’.

I’ve now posted this question on the DocStar help center, on the discussion tab of the ‘versioning’ topic. That will be a nice way to access support, if they’re responsive to this - fingers crossed!
I’ll post here if I come up with any new info.
Thanks again!

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