Documenting dashboards

I find when I create dashboards users sometimes misinterpret the data because they think they know what the data represents but that understanding is not accurate. As a result I’d like to add a couple sentences to describe what the data in a dashboard represents. Any recommendations?

I found I can add a tracker view with a textbox to accomplish this but curious if there is a better way to do this…

My thought was what you are doing; add a customized tracker with a text box.

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Add one more BAQ which has one calculated field and that calculated have your comments.

If you want to get funky on a friday evening :

1- Create a MS Word file for your documentation. Save it as a “single file web page” somewhere on a public shared folder of your network

2- Add an URL View to your dashboard

3- Select the file you created earlier in the URL textbox

4- Place the View somewhere in the dashboard. The file content appears in the view

The Pros :

  • You can edit the word file and the view content will be updated
  • You can display pictures
  • It is kind of fun, which doesn’t happens often with Epicor

The Cons :

  • If you rename or move the Word file, the content will not display

You can attach memos to dashboards. Quick and easy.

If you go the tracker view route, I would suggest adding the text fields post deployment as a screen customization. I’ve always had formatting and sizing issues when adding them to the base dashboard layer.


Don’t forget the Technical/user notes in the dashboard themselves. Can’t recall if they are viewable when you deploy to an assembly.