Does Epicor have standard functionality to specify reason codes in regards to OTD(late customer shipments)?

We are tracking OTD, and would like to add reason codes for when we are late. Before we head down the path of creating custom fields, we want to see if there is default functionality we can leverage. I think ideally at the OrderRel level we would have the ability to specify a reason code as to why an order was late…

no there is no base functionality for this.

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@timshuwy Any advice on a custom solution? We want to keep it simple. I’m thinking we can add a custom field on the OrderRel table and add a customization to Order Tracker/Entry to add this, with a dropdown list(can’t recall the name) where we hardcode the available choices/reason codes the user can choose.

I would probably approach it as a UD Field on OrderRel… associate that UD Field with a UserCode table that holds the possible options so that you dont have to hard code the choices. You could create an updatable dashboard that would find all late orders so you can update the reasons, and report on them as well.

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You can try using memos or use CRM call logs on the order. Memos will probably be best since they are also at release levels.

Vinay Kamboj