Drop Ship Automation

Over the last couple of years our drop ship sales have increased tremendously. While we enjoy the increased revenue, we have noticed that a large part of the drop shipped orders are for low amounts. The number of steps it takes to process a drop ship order, and the looking up and verification of shipment receipts is the same for a small order vs a higher $$ amount order.
I would like to see if anyone has done anything in order to automate or simplify the steps to process a drop shipped order, or can recommend a 3d party solution that makes this an easier process?


Does using the Mass Drop Ship option under the Actions menu not speed this up adequately?
To do any further automation would at least require a ‘trigger’ that would provide the automation with adequate Drop Ship Data, what did you have in mind?
Do your suppliers provide some type of adequate electronic notification that could use used?

We have been using it, and it does help. But having to go through the entire procedure from SO Entry to AP Invoice for a $10 order seems a bit inefficient. Like you mentioned, the electronic notification from the vendor on ship (if it happens at all) takes a person a day for all the drop ships we do. We also don’t invoice until the customer has confirmed receipt of goods; so there is another layer I would love to automate if possible.
-I am toying with the idea of disconnecting the drop ship business and managing this with a dedicated drop ship solution, if there is something that checks all the boxes.

similar situation here. done the automation in 10.1/10.2 on prem, could help you if you could clarify where you need help like are you stuck in any logics ?

Hello Jay,

I am re-visiting this effort and startrting to build the required logic; we are now transitioning to Kinetic, QuickShip and I have a UPS QuantumView Dev account. We have also added DocStar with ICM and Workflow to our mix. We need to educate our drop ship vendors to only use our UPS account for shipment and add our PO number as a reference on the shipment.

It would be a big time saver if we can automatically add the Tracking Number from Vendor Shipment Confirmation e-mails and QuantumView 3d party shipments to the correct PO in Drop Ship Entry.

I am curious to see a sketch of what you built in your environment…



We are looking into Automating our Intercompany SO - PO - SO process. I would be interested in the path you took to do so.

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sure can help you, sent you message. please check it. @James_Lloyd

Prakash; can you share any details of what you are doing?