DROP SHIP DETAIL record being written? With Multi-co direct server process executing, what causes the record to be written?

Multi-co - inter-co… DROP SHIP
Customer SHIPMENT Entry processes.

When does the DROP SHIP RECORD get written?
Since I can SHIP… and then cancel/delete a PACK (before invoicing occurs) DROP SHIP rec not written.

If AUTO-INVOICE is set… once the PACK is saved, can the pack be deleted if INVOICE has not generated?

If the Multi-co Direct Server process is running… can the frequency be controlled?
Such that I might only execute every hour?

Any insight, especially the quantifications as to the DROP SHIP DETAIL record being written would be appreciated!

I have reviewed the record contents… and one field in focus is the AR INVOICE, so I presume, the record may not be written until Invoicing, which locks the PACK from being deleted.