Drop Shipment PO's, require a PO Receipt and phantom Packer?

If a PO is setup for Drop Shipment, directly to the customer, are a PO Receipt entry and packer required?

Or does the PUR-CUS transaction effectively do both the PUR-STK and a STK-CUS transactions - skipping both the QOH changes and intermediate GL trans?

If no packer is created, can the drop shipment be pulled in during Get Shipments in AR Entry?

Currently we do the following:

  • PO is not direct ship, does use a one-time ship to
  • When supplier confirms it has shipped, we do a PO Rcpt
  • When we confirm it has arrived at the customer, we create a packer.
  • Finally, we create an invoice against that packer.

What would indicate that a Direct Ship PO was ready to be invoiced?

A receipt will be required in Drop Shipment Entry. That action automatically creates a Customer Shipment.

The drop shipment can be pulled in during Get Shipments in AR Invoice Entry.


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Thanks Lacey.

Does the receipt need to be entered in any special way?

Also, is a packer actually created and marked as shipped? And it would appear in the Packer Tracker?

Doing a receipt in Drop Shipment Entry is almost identical to a regular receipt in Receipt Entry. The screen visually looks slightly different and there is a field for a Tracking number.

Yes, a shipment (packer) is created and marked as shipped and would show in the tracker.


Lacey -

I have done the above Drop Shipment Entry and see the PO is closed as well as the SO. When I select the pack slip in AR from the Get Drop Shipments button, it will not create an invoice. Is there another special set-up or configuration I need look for? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Follow up question for Lacey, regarding AR invoicing of drop shipments…

Does a drop shipment have to be on its own Invoice? Or can it be included with line items actually shipped from our factory? Assuming the “Combine Packing Slips” option is enabled for this customer?

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Hi Mathew
just want to track this for anyone having same issue
This may be related to Invoice Date (AR Group date) being on a date before the DS was processed but this is most likely related to Customer’s Billing Terms.
When selecting Shipments you have a check box to override that setting, this is not present on the DS selection screen!