Dropshipment ship via

We do a lot of dropshipments from different vendors. Even though it pulls thru the information from the sales order for the ship to address, it is pulling thru the ship via from the vendor default. Shouldn’t it also pull the ship via from the sales order or is this a BPM that we would need to create to make this happen.
We don’t want to remove our default ship via as not everything from these vendors is dropshipped. Even if we change the ship via, if we don’t click save before adding the lines to the PO it changes back to the default. We also tried doing it thru PO suggestions and get the same result. Does anyone else do alot of dropshipments and do you have a process that minimizes the room for error.

The shipvia does not come through to the PO, I’ve had add a BPM to update the PO rel from the OrderRel.

Question on how you handled this. Unless I’m missing something, I don’t see shipvia at the PO Rel level, but only at the PO Header level.

For the SO, I see a ship via at the OrderHed level and the OrderRel.

If the OrderHed has one shipvia, and some of the releases have a different ship via, how did you choose which to bring into the PO?

What method did you run this BPM on? I’ve done a trace and see that the generate PO suggestions runs the process “POGenSugImpl”, but I’m not finding that in the method list.

Adam, my memory did not serve me well.

Our solution doesn’t solve your problem. We added a bpm to the sales order to force updates on the dropship address, dates, or shipvia to copy to the PO. This forces updates to the order to be made to the PO.