EMW BPM Ship Via

In EMW, Customer Shipment seems to either default the ship via to either what’s on the order header or blank if the setting is disabled. Our order can typically have several lines all shipping on different dates by different trucking companies. Is there any way, maybe with a BPM to default this ship via to the line release instead?

I’m not sure about EMW… But the Customer Shipment Entry uses the Header Info from the Order when auto-populating the Packers info.

Even when I select a specific order line and release for the pack line, the packer header info still shows the Order Header info. The Ship To doesn’t even update. If one doesn’t manually change the ShipTo, the release would go to the wrong place.

Ship Via doesn’t update either.

You might be able to add a filter, so that only releases with the same ShipTo and ShipVia show up when searching for releases to add to the packer. But that would require the user to know what ShipTo and/or ShipVia to set the packer header to, before searching for releases.


D’OH! … I forgot to hit save after adding the line.

After saving, the Packer’s Header ShipTo now matches the Order Release. BUT the Ship Via’s don’t:

Only during shipment will know the sales order lines going to be shipped and based on that which trucking company provides better price. Unless customer chose the trucking company, its better to chose at time of shipment.

Possibly there is already a BPM in place then. When I create a shipment entry, the ship via matches what’s on the sales order release. It does not do this in EMW however.

Might want to look at a BPM on CustShip.GetOrderRelInfo I made a simple BPM that warns when the ShipVia of the Order Release doesn’t match the Packers ship Via.


I take it all back. I did not see any BPM’s but my main Epicor will pull the ship via from the order release. I tested this on the handheld and it seems to work fine as well… I will check with our shipping manager and figure out what the problem is then. They had claimed to have set the shipvia on hundreds of order releases and when the orders were shipped via EMW, the packing slips showed the default, not what was on the release. I’ll have to check with the shipping manager and figure out what they are talking about…