PO Suggestion Ship Via

When we are trying to firm up PO suggestions, we are having to manually enter the SHIP VIA. We tried setting the SHIP VIA on each supplier to a default value but it doesn’t seem to pull for PO Suggestions (for normal PO’s it does).

We tried setting the default in Ship VIa and regenerating the suggestions to no avail.

When I look at the field help - I don’t quite understand what\where is the XASyst table.

Any thoughts on the proper solution. For a work around I considered a pre-transaction BPM to set an empty SHIP VIA to our default. Is this acceptable? Is it necessary?

Use a BPM :slight_smile: XASyst refers to Company or Site Configuration
In this case it refers to this guy (I know it doesn’t make sense… but hey its Epicor… get in line)

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Greetings, Chris.

I realize this is an old thread, but I’m curious if you had ever resolved this in your environment. Was the BPM the approach you implemented? If so, was it crafted on a method directive, or data directive? Did you invoke a trace log during the generation of the POs that were suggested by the system, or during some other PO-related process?

I’m curious here because my company is facing this exact scenario and I’ll need some direction to help set me on the right path.


I used a method directive on POSugg.Update

If I wanted to get real tricky with it, I might setup up some conditions to have different default values for specific customers.


Chris - thank you very much for the rapid and detailed response. I’ll follow your model here and see if that’ll do the trick for us. I’ll make sure to let you know how I’m doing on it later.

(I see that you also prefer straight lines and right-angles when creating your BPM logic connectors – that’s awesome!) :smiley:

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No problem, good luck.

Yea, sometimes I spend a little too much time on my object alignment in the designer :smile:
Usually, it helps one understand what’s supposed to happen when the objects are laid out just so (at least when there are more than 2 objects haha)

Greetings, Chris. Just a quick update for you…

The information you provided here was quite valuable in helping me get to a solution, so I appreciate your input very much.

Once I started going down the Method Directives road, I realized that my company’s requirements were slightly different (with the same end-goal). In my particular case, the Purchasing team wanted the “ShipVia” codes to be visible at the time the new PO suggestions are generated. This way, when the Purchasing team reviews the new PO suggestions, the “ShipVia” codes are already defined and in place on those records.

What I eventually decided on was to run a custom code module (Data Directive) originating from “SugPoDtl.Update” that, essentially, looks at each newly generated PO Suggestion record and isolates the “VendorNum”. Once isolated, the code digs into the “Vendor” table to perform a lookup on that “VendorNum” value. After the vendor record is found, the “ShipViaCode” value is located on that specific record. The code then goes back to the “SugPoDtl” table and inserts the “ShipViaCode” value into the newly generated PO Suggestion record.

That’s basically the gist of it; but it solves one of many quirky Epicor behaviors for us.

Thanks again for setting me on the right direction.

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Very nice, I’m glad I could help - I’ve still got a lot to pay forward before I break even :slight_smile:

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