Duck duck gray duck

@aidacra will appreciate this.

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That’s truth!!

Some additional reading for those that doubt the superiority of duck duck gray duck vs duck duck (spit) goose:

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The link doesn’t work…

Maybe it knows you’re not a Minnesotan?? :stuck_out_tongue:
EDIT: you are from MN (blush)
Minnesota’s kids’ game can’t duck controversy - (161.8 KB)

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Yeah, I saw your presentation at the EUG meeting. (I’m waiting for your slide deck… where can I find that…)

It’s working now, I don’t know what the deal was.

Link loaded for this person (who has never even been to Minnesota)

“We play Duck, Duck, Gray Duck, while the rest of the planet plays the inferior Duck, Duck, Goose.”

I guess the rest of us aren’t hung up on color…

Yeah, I went there. :wink:

I provided it to the EUG leadership last week, but, I just created a new post with it.

It’s amazing how so many states can be exactly wrong.

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I know right!!

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This is the first I’ve heard of this, and I agree duck duck grey duck is actually the better game.

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I just about managed to take this badboy home from the family gift exchange, but alas it was stolen. :cry:

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Funny … That odd one out is much larger. Like how a goose is larger than a duck…

Reminds me of variations in pronunciation…

Montevideo (Uruguay) - mon-tuh-vi-dey-oh
Montevideo (Minnesota) - mon-tuh-vid-ee-oh

guid - gwid
guid - goo-id
guid - gee-you-eye-dee

gif - jif
gif - gif

This is correct. I don’t go to the zoo to see the GIH-raffs

I don’t go to the zoo to see the GIH-raffs

GIF equals the Jiraphic Interchange Format?

That’s just jreat…


But giraffe starts off gi Not gr …

LCD - EL-cee-dee
Liquid Crystal Display - LIH-kwid …

Or do you pronounce LCD as LIH-cee-dee ?

gust sayin’

I’m retracting my post that used LCD as a counter example. That’s initials, not an acronym.

Here are more appropriate examples:
ASCII - Ah-skee, not Uh-skee (for UH-mer-ik-uhn stan-derd …)
SONAR - SO-nar, not SOW-nar (for SOWND NAV-ih-gay-shun …)

That’s a given…