Duplicate copy of Packing slip Crystal

I am not a Crystal expert, so this may not be the best solution, but it a
possibility. What you could do is make a copy of your packing slip report
and add the extra information you want. Then, purchase the multi-form
utility from Caesar developments. This utility gives you a drop-down list
of different forms to print. You could then call one 'customer packing
slip' and call the other 'Our packing slip'. Your shipper would then have
to print each for each shipment.

Other's who know crystal better, may know of a way to do this without
creating two reports and using the utility, I can't think of another.


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Hello Group

I am trying to print Multiple packing slips with a couple differences

1. Labeled as Customer Copy / Company Copy
2. Location for signature for proof of delivery

Anyone doing this or know how to accomplish this?
We were using a Three part form impact printer, Decided to go laser

Please help

Don Kollmann
Heartland EPS - Wisconsin