Crystal reports - ps - multiple ship to's

I am running Vantage 3.0 (at least until the end of the day). Crystal

My problem is: I have a sales order # 1109, that needs to be shipped to
several plant locations for this customer. I now how in Vantage to
tell it to ship to another plant my problem is with Crystal Report
Packslip, The Ship to Address always defaults to the Main Address, it
will not pick up the alternative ship to address when it PRINTS. On the
Vantage Screen it is correct but when it prints it has the wrong
address. Does anyone know a formula, that I can use for it to be

I am hoping someone else has seen this problem. I thought is was just
my custom Packslip, but I ran it with the Crystal Report Packing Slip
that Vantage Supplied and it does not work with that either.

Any help I would appreciate it.