Duplicating Tax on Invoice

Our AR Invoice form is customized in looks but the underlying fields are standard. The field Calc_TaxAmt is causing us a little bit of trouble for some reason. WE sell to distributors and rarely sell to end users, so taxes are not something we normally look at. However, while selling to our rare end user we noticed that the taxes were being multiplied by the number of lines. If there is two lines and taxes are 30 for the whole order, then the Tax at the bottom would be 60, when it should be Thirty for the whole order. Since this is a Calc filed that Epicor created, I am not sure how to proceed.
Here is a clip of the Tax sub report. The first TAX with a SUM on it has the expression (sum(Fields!Calc_TaxAmtTotal.Value))=0 for row visibility. My thoughts were to just divide it by the number of lines, although I am not sure how to put that in 100% at this point. But before I do so, I wanted to through this out there and see if anybody else has faced this issue. So, any ideas on how to handle this would be appreciated.

After reviewing it seems my custom invoice is duplicating the info. Since the base query is from an older version of Epicor and not changed, if the newer version cause it to duplicate. But that makes little sense as nothing else is duplicated. I have tried bringing in the TaxAmt as the InvcTax table has that info and it is in the query. It bring sin line one correct. When I do Sum(Fields!TaxAmt.value) it adds line 1 and 2, then it doubles it. No idea why.