E10.1 EpiUltraGrid enable column

I am trying to make grid column not read-only and tried a few things that do not work:

  • Wizard/Set Extended properties
  • Using the Grid Collections properties in design mode
  • Using WinGrid control custom code

This is a Customer Tracker grid, so I suppose there is property being set by Epicor to make the grid control read-only and that is overriding everything else. I would like the User to be able to check the custom field “CheckBox03” in the grid.

If it is within a tracker it is likely that the entire form has been rendered read only. So even if you get the grid to allow you to edit, you won’t be able to save the record. Which form is this?

It is the CRMListPanel on the Customer Tracker form.
I noticed I cannot set the property ( Visible = True ) either.

Maybe try turning the UseAppStyling (3 above) off?


Norman Hutchins
System Administrator
Howell Laboratories, Inc.