E10 Adding UD fields to save with Move request

Version 10.0.700.2

Hello, I have been asked to add three UD fields in the Move material Request form. Date and time when the material would be required and a comment box.
I have found that there is no fields attached to the fields ? I also noticed that when a new request is created, the table MTLQueue gets a new record. So I figured I should create my UD fields in the MTLQueue table, so I did that.
Now since that table is not referenced into the form… What would be the best way for me to save my new 3 fields contents?

I tought of using the CallContextBPMData… and read the values in a data directive on a new record of MTLQueue…but unsure if that is the way…

Side question… Why was it designed that way? (no DB fields attached to the form…)