UD Column Mapping

I am trying to use the UD Column maps to bring a field form the Part table to the JobMtl table. I have the UD fields created, synced, and mapped in the UD Column Map Maintenance, but it does not seem to automatically link the data. Am I mis-understanding the purpose of that mapping, or is there some step I have missed? I have restarted the appservers completely, but nothing seems to trigger the mapping.


I suppose I have never tried linking those two tables. Typically it would be:
ECOMtl > PartMtl
PartMtl > JobMtl

It would not be too hard to write a BPM to populate this depending on your hosting restrictions.

Did you Get Details for the job after setting the mapping? I’d guess it doesn’t load for pre-existing records.

I recreated the job from scratch a couple of times after doing the mapping using the Order Job Wizard. I will try a manual get details process to see if that works.

For what it’s worth, my reading of the application help matches your expectation for behavior. But the last time I pointed out that the Help said Epicor would do something a certain way, they responded with a change request to change the Help file.

I just verified if I add a material manually, it does bring across the data correctly, so I think it has to do with the Order Job Wizard, or the mass get details method not pulling them across. Even doing the Get Details manually did not bring them in.

Well, that’s not much use. Try starting a case with EpicCare.

Finally got some documentation from support, and the Part to JobMtl link only works when you add Material manually. To get them to come in during the GetDetails call requires them to be in the PartMtl ud field, which means I would have to add the UD field all throughout the chain, Part to ECOMtl to PartMtl to JobMtl.

It actually turned out to be easier during the MassIssueToMfg to add the lookup into the Part table during the grid build. Very fast response, and works like a champ!

Thanks for your responses and thoughts.