E10 BAM Conversion

In E9 we had a simple BAM which would trigger a receipt label to print based upon the RcvDtl.Received field changing to TRUE.

In E10, we have created a standard Data Directive with a condition of ttRcvDtl.Received changing from any to True.

This functions well, if the lines are received individually, using the Line Received checkbox in Receipt Entry. However, if a user selects the Receive All checkbox, doing a mass receipt, the BPM is not triggered. In E9, this functioned differently and the BAM was triggered during a Mass Receipt.

Any ideas on how I can get this BPM to trigger properly?

I would suggest doing a trace to see exactly what is happening and when during a mass receipt and you may well find your answer there. Be sure to include response data in your trace.

I have a BPM that notifies purchasing if an item is received with a zero value. I used method directives to do this and I had to used Receipt.PreUpdate for individual lines and Receipt.UpdateMaster if MassReceipt was used.

I know you are using a data directive so this may not be the same but hope this helps?

Instead of using:

The ttRcdDtl.Received field has been changed from any to True


The ttRcvDtl.Received field of the changed row is equal to the true expression