E10 SSRS Date Format for different Countries

We have US and EU Employees. Is there a way to specify the Date format in SSRS to reflect the User or Site or Company or Workstation settings?


In Crystal the reports were rendered at the client so we could use local regional settings. However, SSRS is Rendered at the server.

You can try Format Culture on the User Accounts. That might work.

Vinay Kamboj

This is what the field help says on Format Culture

Defines the cultural requirements of the interface for the current user. Each culture code corresponds to regional settings that govern standards and formatting. It defines the date format, number format, currency symbols, field layout, and so on applicable to a specific world culture.

For example, a culture code can change the interface so the user can read and enter data from right to left (instead of left to right).

Use this drop-down list to select the culture code which applies to this specific user. After you select the culture code, select the language this user requires from the Language drop-down list.

Note: Format culture is independent of language. You can have French language user using American culture formatting.

Mr. Vinay: Thanks for the suggestion - I will give that a try.

I saw the Format Culture - however I did not think to try Help :slight_smile: I hope it’s that simple.


I guess I can see where the Epicor Forms may reflect the Culture code. However, I have not seen how the Reports i.e. Purchase Order will reflect those settings.

Any thoughts?

any update on this?

Mr. Vishal: I never traced this issue down. Changing the Culture worked (if i remember correctly)

If I remember correcty there is a “Culture” XML Tag in the Raw RDL - i assume that is where the formatting is being specified.