E10 Table Map

I thought I had downloaded this once before. I am looking for a table map of the Epicor tables.

Does anyone know if that exists and what it possibly called on the EpicWeb site?

Thanks Kim

Epicor has the data dictionary, but @hkeric.wci made them into help files. You can search for chm

This would be a jumbled mess if you made it visual. What specifically are you needing to understand?

it isn’t for me. It is for corporate…nightmare to explain

Got it. I would want to ask “WHY” still. There are hundreds (maybe thousands?) of tables. Some have links and some don’t.

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Epicor has a visual EDM for E10 however it’s impossible to read. That is the CHM that Haso published. The only way to make heads or tails of it is the old data dictionary but that was generated on 9 from ABL and can only be used as a reference for 95% of E10.0+

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