E10 work order printing issue

We have E10.200.2. When printing a work order a blank page prints at the end. If we print preview first then the work order does not print a blank page. Anyone have this experience?

Printable area slightly larger than page?

Why does it print ok (no extra pages) after print preview? It only happens after clicking the print button directly. If you preview first there is no blank page?

Ah so if you print from the preview the extra page doesnt occur?

Correct. Thanks for taking the time to respond. Yes the blank page only happens when we print without the preview. We are on E10.2.200.

Does that happen only on the work order, or does it also occur in different reports?

Most physical printers have a printable area that is smaller than 8.5 x 11 (usually around 1/8" - 1/4" margin on all four sides). The PDF “printer” doesn’t have that limitation, so if you’re actually printing a full 8.5" by 11" page, it’s going to bleed over just a touch. This is more often a problem with older printer drivers, but it crops up now and again anyway. Check your margins on the SSRS report and make sure they’re more than 1/4" all the way around.

It is only happening with the work order.

Thanks for the reply. If you first do a print preview on the screen and then print there is no blank page.

If you just click the print print button without preview then a blank page prints. The report margins and size are the same.

What happens if you select ECF as the output format and then “Print”?

As i have mentioned in other postings, Windows does not natively know how to print a PDF so a software component has to send it to the Printer. When doing a Print from the Viewer (usually Adobe), it is the Viewer that is creating the print job. When sending to the Printer directly, Epicor uses a third party component to do the printing so there may be minor differences in output - usually related to Scaling / Margins.

The ECF format is not as susceptible to Scaling and Margin issues so if you are not seeing the extra page with that format, call the issue in to Tech Support.

Correct. When you do a print preview, Epicor is using a “printer driver” that “prints” to a PDF file. There are no physical limitations on the page size, since you aren’t printing to a physical printer. When you click the “Print” icon, Epicor tells the actual Windows printer driver for your physical printer to format this data stream to print out properly on a physical device. That physical device (or its printer driver) has to conform with what is physically possible on the printer, and that printer might have narrower margins than the SSRS report you’re sending to it.

@Rich put it pretty nicely just now too… check your scaling and margins.

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In E10 when using SSRS printing, Epicor asks SSRS to generate the output file in the format you request. In the case of PDF, ERP 10 asks SSRS to generate a PDF file. It is that file that is then fed through the third party component for actual PDF printing. The file is then stored in the DB on the SysRptLst record (regardless of output Format requested). That file is the same one sent to the Viewer when a Preview is requested or when manipulated via the System Monitor.