Print Preview vs. Printing

When a user prints the Aged Payables report, it is cutting off the last columns and printing them on the next page. It print preview correctly but not when printed from the printer. We tried going into Actions > Remove Defaults but that did not resolve the issue.

I have asked the support about this a while ago.

They said that because different printer has different printer margin limit. The fix is to make your content slightly smaller.

For us, we ask everyone to preview first to make sure the thing you are printing is the right thing.

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We often preview, then print right from the PDF viewer. Using “Shrink oversized pages” in Acrobat’s print dialog, guarantees it’ll fit on the page.

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It previews and prints correctly from print preview. This is using a standard-ssrs report. There is no customization but when we go in base mode it prints correctly.

It seems like it’s only happening when I test printing to a “Redirected” printer on the terminal server. When I print preview to PDF using one of the Redirect printers, I can see the columns being cutoff but if I print preview to PDF using ‘Microsoft print to PDF’ printer, then it is fine. Not sure why the redirected printer on the server would be causing this.

What if you preview it (using PDF as the ouput, not by printing to a PDF maker), and then print from the PDF Preview?

Yes printing from print preview first works fine if its not from the redirect printer. If I print preview first from the redirect then it is not printing correctly.

If you read the post I linked it explains what Epicor does when it Prints and what it does when you Print Preview it does 2 seperate things. So when you “Print Preview” to the redirect, you are actually Printing to the Redirect and it just happens that it Prints to a PDF (it feels like a Print Preview, but its actually a Print → Open PDF) – Epicor executes the same logic a regular “Print” would.

by @JeffLeBert

I get 2 different results when I:

  1. Print Preview
  2. Select Client Printer and Print to “Adobe PDF” or “Microsoft PDF” or “FoxIT PDF” or “SnagIt”, they all open the PDF as a Preview after the action, but ultimately the path chosen by Epicor was “Print” not Print Preview. Epicor executes the Print Logic using while the Preview is just pure SSRS.

“There is a difference between Print Preview and Print to PDF” - Anonymous