E9 question: APM and Emailing

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Sun Is on M2K (Informix) but,
Going to: Epicor 9, 9.04.505B ( maybe 9.05), SQL (go live date is
8/1/10 ? )

We have not been trained on our APM module yet, but there was a
discussion with consultant.

It appears that the way APM emails ( and faxes), is:
0.Previously you have configured APM to look at the area of the
report where the Address 'prints'.
1.You print the email address on the form to be sent.
2. E9 converts that to HTML format.
3. APM now reads the address from the HTML form and sends it to
my email server.
He specifically said that the APM address does NOT come from a file,
but from 'reading' the HTML document.

A. Is that how it works?
B. If you use it, how well does it work and is there some advantage to
that technique.
C. That is the only option other then custom programming.



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