E9 to E10 Conversion process

We are upgrading to E10.2 from E9.05 and now have error opening most forms. These forms have mostly minor customizations. Such as UD fields and simple BPM’s.

With all these compile errors, it makes it hard to test and run our pilot. Is it possible to have a vanilla installation of Epicor that utilizes our data?

Any help would be appreciated.
Bob Ladd

Hey Bob,

You could go into Menu Maintenance and remove the customizations from the menu and get to the vanilla screens.

Mark W.

If you utilize Epicor’s Cirrus upgrade program, you are provided with a vanilla copy of your db. I’m sure somewhere out there in Epicorland, there is a stored proc that makes your db vanilla. I’m currently using Cirrus (self-serve) and so far, it’s fantastic and it’s very fairly priced for what it does IMO.

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Has Epicor converted your data. I know we had a vanilla environment and one with all customization. This allowed use to fix them and move the ones we needed to keep. We found a lot of stuff in E9 that we were not using or E10 had a better way of handling it.

Don’t you have to do that on each form individually?

No we ran the upgrade tool internally. From the last 2 comments I’m guessing we should have used Cirrus.


I think there is a way to run it internally and make it vanilla. I had a conversation with someone that said they thought they could do that.

Yes, you would. DMT or UBAQ could do it en masse. And like Vic said, there’s probably a a tool that does the same.

Bob, the DIY Cirrus option is very cheap. Cheaper than DMT. My company is a very cheap company and we bought it. haha ROI is almost immediate on your labor trying to do it manually.

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Thanks for your input and quick response! I’m going to investigate changing or upgrade process to utilize Cirrus.


Citrus is the only way to go. No need to install patches yourself and convert through to 10. Their automated process does it for you. I am self serve as well. On your time no rush either

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