E9 to E10 Migration - E9 Cleanup Scripts purpose

Hello all -
I have a client who is working through parallel testing of an upgrade to 10.1.500.x from 9.05. - SQL server
The SOX Auditors are having apoplectic fits because the GL Journal Numbers and Journal Lines have been changed during the migration for a significant number of historical GL entries.

We have traced the change back to a specific “E9Cleanup” sql script and would like to find out if there is any documentation that explains the purpose/bug correction/SCR for the script that can be used to allay fears and prevent all these heads from exploding. :fire::bomb:

The Migrate Database step executed within the administration console to move from 9.05.702a to 10 unpacks a number of SQL scripts to this directory on the app server

We tracked it to this specific script that appears to be doing a journal renumbering where GLJrnDtl records have mismatching SysRowID values.

If anyone has any insights…

Going to ask the stupid question here, but have you contacted support for comment?

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Yes - they are claiming it is not part of the Epicor migration tools. Go figure.