ECC Dealer warranty claims

We are trying to use the dealer connect warranty claims in ECC. We have everything working except for attachments. We require the dealers to send pictures of the claim, so this is holding us up. We are able to attach items to a case in Kinetic so the internal path is set up correctly.

Problem is having both ECC and Kinetic systems a cloud, and our file storage location local, they can’t talk to each other. Can’t use google drive or share point because the external company config will only allow you can only choice doc types that are set up with “File System Document” or “Attachment Link”.

Anyone have success getting the ECC claims attachments to work while in the cloud?

Just to close this out. Yes we are the only ones doing ECC and Kinetic cloud trying to do warranty claims. Epicor gave us a work around to keep the attachments on the ECC server.

Their development team will work on allowing other types of attachments for Kinetic ECC Document.