View Attachments from Kinetic Screens

On-Prem 10.2.700.10. Just starting to experience Kinetic screens.
We have many documents attached to Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Invoices, Quotes, etc. using File System, so all documents reside on our server (and there is no DocStar of any other integration). Kinetic versions of PO Tracker, Invoice Tracker, etc all open an attachments slide-out, but have no View option.

If the underlined attachment link is selected, another slide-out opens asking if you want to ‘download’ the file to your local drive. We just want to open the file in the pdf viewer. Did I miss something?

Hi Andrew,

Did you ever find out anything further with regard to this issue? I’d be interested in knowing the outcome.


I did not find anything out. I just disabled Kinetic on any screen that might have an attachment. I initially used the Feedback tab that is on every Kinetic screen to inform Epicor developers about issues like this, but once I realized there was lots of basic functionality issues with every Kinetic screen, I stopped taking the time to do that.

Did you try clicking on the document? I believe it is supposed to download it to your computer so you can view it.

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Hi Tim,
Yes it will download - however in the classic view there is the option of viewing it in DocStar instead of downloading. It would appear this functionality is not available in the Kinetic format.

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Yes, I can also get to save to the file to a location of my choosing, then open that document. But, that’s a lot of clicks to view a document compared to the Classic view.

I raised this as a enhancement for Kinetic a month or so back. We are using Classic until it gets rectified. A major pain for users to now have to save and view:(