EDI 850 Accept if No Errors BPM Method?

i have a BPM in DemandEntry.ProcessingDemand. It works correctly when a user goes in Demand Entry>Actions>process Demand. We use have 850 (Pos) accept manually so the BPM worked correctly.

We recently changed to Accept if no errors but the BPM is not triggering. i have run a trace but can’t see what methods are being called when a Po gets processed automatically without the user going into demand entry. I am looking for the method so i can add the logic from the BPM to work on the automatic processing of the PO.

Any help is appreciated! thanks!

i really not sure what method is being called when an 850 process automatically. the Bpm in processdemand dont triger. about to go bald lol


Were you able to resolve this issue? I am also trying to trigger a BPM when a Sales Order is created from Demand Entry.

Use OrderHed Standard Data Directive EDIOrder = true.

Thanks Arul. I did what you suggested but it’s not firing the email notification. My Condition is "The ttOrderHed.EDIOrder field for the added row is equal to the true expression. This is on the Standard Data Directive. Am I missing something? Thanks

hi, i used data directives instead of bpm to get this to work for us.

hmm weird. it seems to be working now in Production but not in Pilot. Anyway, thanks Arul and Jose for the input.