BPM on Demand Entry, when Order is created


I have a BPM that brings the default Manifest Billing option to the sales order based on logic between Sold to and Ship to for our customers. It’s done in the ChangeCustomer, ChangeShipToCustID, and ChangeShipToID. It works great for a manual order.

Now we are doing EDI and when we process the EDI order, I trace the process and all that I see getting fired is ProcessDemand.

Is there any way to see what is getting fired by ProcessDemand? I don’t think my trace is correct, or I need to do it at the server level? I want to figure out how to catch what’s happening by ProcessDemand so I can figure out where to add in our logic to make sure the right manifest billing method is used (there’s no place for it in Demand Entry).


Create a BPM on table OrderHed in Data Directive In-Transaction with a condition OrderHed.EDIOrder = true.

I know I can do a DD, I was just curious if there was a way to see what else was happening in the process. Surely Epicor uses more BOs within their ProcessDemand BO, but none of it shows up in the tracing.

We use Demand Entry and have had to use DD for a couple of things