EDI Events

Would anyone please help me to understand what methods directive(s) are called once an EDI order gets processed automatically from demand order into the order itself. This is because I need to trigger an small piece of logic (BPM) but I was told that I can’t use a Data Directive. Your help will be appreciated !


I’m assuming your asking how to trace when the Import EDI process is fired, but you can only run it through a schedule? I’m not sure if you could just tracing in server mode and then run submit it against the Now schedule. You might like to turn on trace logging on your app server to see what comes out there also.
Finally do you have the a copy of the EDI Demand Management Tech Reference, it’s available on epicweb Sign In You’ll need your epicweb username and password to access.

You run the Import EDI process manually and use trace logging to identify the BO and methods used.

Vinay Kamboj

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