EDI File Samples?

Does anyone have a sample of an EDI File that Epicor Import Process Accepts / Expects? They have a screenshot of one in their help file but its a darn screenshot.

I’m looking for a sample of 850 if anyone has one that you know will import inot Epicor 10.X 202X I’ll appreciate it.

I DM’d one to you.

Counting tildes is kind of maddening.

Here is my loop if you want info on linking the Hier levels.

using (var EDIFile = new System.IO.StreamWriter(@ediFileName, true))

        Ice.Diagnostics.Log.WriteEntry($" edilines are {ediLines} my lines are {myLines} parts count is {parts.Count} file {file.Name}");

        for(int x=0; x<parts.Count(); x++)
        //for(int x=0; x<1; x++) // Two loops for testing

          var partLookup = parts[x];
          var revLookup = revs[x];
          var approvedRev = Db.PartRev.Where(p => p.Company == CompanyID && p.PartNum ==  partLookup && p.RevisionNum.Contains(revLookup) && p.Approved == true).Select(s => s.RevisionNum).FirstOrDefault();

          if(approvedRev != null)
            revs[x] = approvedRev;

          headerlineout = "H~" + hier_number.ToString() + delim + "0".ToString() + delim + tradingPartner + delim + "ORDER~COMP01~" + ediContract + "~" + custID+ "~~" + poNum + delim
          + delim + shipToID + delim + "false~~~~~FXG~~~false~" + poHeaderComment + "~~~~~~" + acceptType +  "~~" + ersOrder + "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~" + "~~~~~~~~~~~";
          hier_level = hier_number;
          hier_number ++;
          if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(poHeaderComment))

            udlineout = "UD~" + hier_number.ToString() + delim + hier_level.ToString() + "~~~~~~~~~~~~~" + poHeaderComment + "~~~~~~~~";
            hier_number ++;
            Ice.Diagnostics.Log.WriteEntry($"outline is {udlineout}");


          Ice.Diagnostics.Log.WriteEntry($"outline is {headerlineout}");
          poLine = ids[x];
          poLine = poLine.Split('-')[0];

          demandRef = ids[x];

          detaillineout = "D~" + hier_number.ToString() + delim + hier_level.ToString() + delim + poNum + delim + poLine + delim + Session.PlantID + delim +
          "ORDER" + delim + "false~~~" + demandRef + delim + parts[x] + delim + revs[x] + "~~~~" + uoms[x] + "~~" +  unitprices[x].ToString() + delim +"false~E~~~~~false~~~~~~~~" +  "~~~~~~~~~";
          detailheir_number = hier_number;
          hier_number ++;
          Ice.Diagnostics.Log.WriteEntry($"outline is {detaillineout}");

          var lineCommentOut = lineComments[x];
          if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(lineCommentOut))

            udlineout = "UD~" + hier_number.ToString() + delim + detailheir_number.ToString() + "~~~~~~~~~~~~~" + lineCommentOut + "~~~~~~~~";
            hier_number ++;
            Ice.Diagnostics.Log.WriteEntry($"outline is {udlineout}");


          releaselineout = "SCH~" + hier_number.ToString() + delim + detailheir_number.ToString() + delim + Session.PlantID + delim + "ORDER" + delim + demandRef +
          delim + qtys[x].ToString() + delim +  uoms[x] + delim + "false~" + custID + delim + shipToID + "~false~~~~~false~FXG~" + docdates[x].ToString() + "~~~~false~false~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~" + "~~~~~~~~~~";

          hier_number ++;
          Ice.Diagnostics.Log.WriteEntry($"outline is {releaselineout}");




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Thanks Greg you are the best! Can you tell me which VAN / Software you are using (if any)

No VAN we are too cheap, I bought an EDI to xml converter and rolled my own translations from xml to app

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Hello Jose,

Attached are two samples of the format we have in use. We are currently on 2022.2.7. This file has been working since our E10.1 days without any change whatsoever.


Vinay Kamboj

(Attachment 4166611750-202304131902341.bak is missing)

(Attachment 4166611750-202304121903271.bak is missing)

Thanks Vinay
The attachments didn’t come through.

4166611750-202304131902341.bak (2.1 KB)
4166611750-202304121903271.bak (1.4 KB)

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I have uploaded the files now. Epicor accepts .app as extension. After import it creates a backup with .bak extension

We use Commport as our VAN. They maintain all our maps. You can look up their website for more information.

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We use TIE Kinetix for our VAN but am thinking about switching to 1EDISource which has now partnered with Epicor. Does anyone have any experience with 1EDISource that you would like to share? Would sure appreciate it.


Jill Schoedel

We use it, but I haven’t touched it. From watching some examples of how maps are set up, I think you’d like it much better than TIE Kinetix.

I have developed in TIE, and once you get a hang of it, it isn’t bad but it’s outdated.

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I’ve got a bunch if you need more than what you’ve already gotten. Also, Epicor has a product called Can opener that will take an .app file apart and make it much easier to deal with if you need it. I think it’s reasonably priced, but I don’t know for sure.

Sweet Tanya
I appreciate it, do you by chance have a Epicor “Spec” of the file format there’s one in the EDI Tech Ref but its all pictures and a PDF wondering if someone has translated that to a nice / usable Excel file or something.

I have a .csv file if that’s at all helpful.
Appfile_CSV.csv (37.0 KB)

Epicor missed a Harry Potter opportunity to call it Disapparate.

Confused Harry Potter GIF

We started working with Epicor EDI (1 EDI Source) on 1/25/2022.

We did not successfully onboard (we moved from a different provider) our first trading partner until 5/9/2023. Let’s just say a lot went wrong.

That is an awesome idea? I’m forevermore changing it’s name in my head.

Can you share further on the 1EDI issues? We are currently looking at it in evaluation.