Edit GLJrnDtl

General Ledger used to show a description made up of “IV:” + TranGL.Key2[a.k.a. InvoiceNum] + Vendor.Name (or the same equivalent). Now, it is some conglomerate of AP Inv: PO num, desc.

I’ve been trying to return it to the former glory of “IV:” + TranGL.Key2[a.k.a. InvoiceNum]. I’ve tried a BPM on multiple method directives for GLJrnDtl but can’t get the Show Message to even appear. I’ve tried bringing in the required tables in SSRS and adding to a new RDD, and I’ve tried creating a new dashboard (which only fails because I don’t know where to get Opening and Ending balances)

I’m sure any one of these 3 ways is possible, I’m just stumped. Any ideas?

Search a little harder on this this site. Add “Posting rules” as a search term



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When we jumped from .500 to .700 we came across this. I wrote some simple BPMs that automatically filled in this information in the Description field. If the team wants to add more information it puts this information at the beginning of what they fill in manually.

Doesn’t help the past postings, but thankfully it didn’t go very long before we caught it.

Change the Inventory/WIP posting rules for desc