Editable field on Customer Shipment after Invoiced

We have a need to have custom field on the ShipHead of Customer Shipment. I ran across this:
Make custom field editable in customer shipment entry after invoiced - ERP 10 - Epicor User Help Forum (epiusers.help)
but it doesn’t appear that there was a solution found.
I’m curious why the Tracking Number which is also a field on the ShipHead is always editable regardless of if the shipment’s been invoiced or not. Does anyone know of a way to mimic this?

In the Classic screen, this can be done by setting the Extended Properties in a Customization. There is a Customization Wizard for this (Tools > Customization Wizard > Set Extended Properties). Then, make the field ReadOnly = False.


Thanks for the response Jason. Unfortunately this did not work for some reason.

Try using a RowRule.

Jason Woods