Emails from this forum

Newbie question! I don’t understand the electronic mails from this forum.

I don’t get any emails with the settings in the pic. Granted I have not really posted anything yet, but I want to know about what other people post.

At first I checked off the “mailing list mode” which pinged me with emails every time someone commented. Holy mackerel that’s a lot of emails and they don’t show any context, so that’s not for me.

Is there like a daily summary email I can get each morning?

Personally I have all emails disabled. I just use the web access.

If you enable notifications in the browser, you’ll be alerted to things like: a reply to you, you being mentioned, activity in the thread you’ve started, etc …

Plus, the admins of this site have to pay for mail (by the byte I believe). So if the messages mostly go unread, do them a favor and disable email.

Hey @JasonMcD Welcome to the forum. I’ve seen you on the EUG site, so you’re probably expecting things to work like it does over there, but this site operates a little differently mostly because of how discourse (the platform for hosting this forum) works. It’s a lot easier to use quickly, so I (and I think most people) simply use this site and skip the e-mails altogether.

Most people respond quickly, with posts coming withing minutes instead of hours, there is also pop up notifications that you can enable so if you just leave the website open, you will be notified if someone responds to a post that you are following. Once you start learning more how to use the forum, you will probably find it’s just easier to browse the forum rather than get an e-mail, which basically links you to the forum anyways. And, as you are finding, the e-mails quickly clog up your inbox, so again, it’s just easier to use the forum.

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This setting the way you have it is about the closest you will get to what you are asking about.

That being said you can change what the system considers as new topics from the Notifcations tab in your settings. It’s not an email digest, but would achieve the same effect.

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Awesome responses from everyone - thank you all. I will try these and see what works for me. Now I understand the notifications tab - that’s probably perfect.

What exactly is the definition of “When I don’t visit here” ?

So If a user logs in here every day, they’d never get emails? And If the last login was at 12:00 noon yesterday, would the next email be sent at 12:00 noon today, or some other later time (like midnight, 6 am , etc …)?

I assume when i don’t visit is correct not logged in or not on the site interacting and yeah you won’t get emails. As far as the later beats me i’m guessing the email would send at the same time of day regardless not a sliding 24hr window.

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