No longer receive emails from Epicor user Help forum

Is it only me? The whole weekend and today, I have not received any emails from the forum… I asked my admin and he confirmed to me I did not receive any…

Could it be blacklisted? Anyone having the issue?

Thank you.

I’m getting emails as of 3:17 PM CDT.

Ok tks. I should have received it too! Maybe a setting somewhere on the site? Not sure where to look…

Just sent you a test email, did you get it? I sent myself one to two different email addresses and had no issues. Also tested our deliverability and got a score of 10/10 so that’s not an issue and we aren’t black listed.

Yes thanks I did receive it.

I went into Notifications, and saw the button Enable notifications. As if it was disabled? As soon as I saved, the button became Disable Notifications… So Let’s see If I receive this reply… :thinking:

Testing a reply notification :slight_smile:

Your settings are such that it won’t email you if you are actively on the site

I did not change those settings…

Thanks… So I changed it to always…

will see if I receive this…

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Hopefully you do!


man dono what I did…

Do you see any setup that could affect this? The Emails and notifications seem ok to me …

It is all replies from any post I do not receive not just mine…

Maybe reset my account?


I poked around see if it works now

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Confirmed ! I am now back!



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