EmpBasic fields - Fair Warning

In EmpBasic you have 3 name fields with the following length constraints:
FirstName (30)
MiddleInitial (30) - silly should only have 1
LastName (20) - surprisingly shorter than MiddleInitial

A pain point I experienced was that Epicor combines these under the hood to create the field:
Name (35)

You may have already noticed that 30+30+20 > 35 and even 30 + 1+ 20 > 35

Not to mention 2 characters are consumed by spaces - FName M LName so in reality the combination of all your name parts cannot exceed 33 characters.

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30+30+20 > 35

fixed …


So … NBA Star Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean-Jacques Wamutombo can’t be an employee.

Math is hard. Updated haha

There is something similar in Vendor Contacts. It will always find the first space in the name and then grab whatever is before the last space and try to put it in the “Middle Name” field. We ran into the constraint limit of that field because of this middle name parsing functionality.


I just saw this a little while ago.

If you enter Dr. Melvin B Evil, Jr as the name, you get:


If you fix them in the individual fields, it then changes the Display Name.

dr evil name

If you want the name to include the “JR”, you have to add it to the last name.

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