Enable all licensed modules?

In the process of updating our 10.1.400 environment to 10.2.300 (on a different server), and I see there are A LOT more modules in 10.2.300 than were in 10.1.400. And many appear to be more architecture based, than for ERP functionality.


On installs of prior versions I’d just enable all. But I’m leery of enabling things that we don’t use.

Do I really need the iScala modules?


Anything in 10.2.300, that isn’t in 10.1.400, that I absolutely need?

Bad idea to blindly Enable All?

Hi @ckrusen;
as a general rule i have been adviced to enable all licensed

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Hi Calvin,

My understanding is that Epicor is moving away from separate license files per product and adding them all as modules on their main Epicor ERP lic file. For instance, in version 10.2.400 they added DMT as a module.

Coming back to iScala and Communication Channels, that is all related to Epicor Service Connect. I suppose it is now part of the same lic file. Whenever I read iScala on Epicor ERP related material, I translate it into Service Connect. Same for all the (input/output) Communication Channel (CPM, File, FTP, etc.).


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Correct Carlos!

The license engine we stole err… leveraged from the iScala product is extensible so other products lines can inject their ‘modules’ and ‘counts’ into a single license. This makes life easier for Sales Ops internally to process licenses (Inside peek at the sausage being made there)

Those items highlighted can be Service Connect, EDD, ECC, etc. If you check them, no worries, E10 will ignore them.

Hey guys, thanks for the input on this topic. Just had a client ask me about this as they have about 50 modules that are licensed and not enabled. They’re all enabled in Test, but not in Live, so not sure what went on there. Anyway, what are your thoughts on needing to re-start app servers or anything after enabling all of these? Any risk to enabling these during business hours?