Engineering Methods update -> to All Open Jobs for Part #?

Is there a way to Update All Open Job Methods with changes from the Method in the Engineers Workbench?


Jill Pleau


There’s no out-of-the-box functionality for this (and I get asked all the time for it). The easiest way to do it will be via DMT, but it may require multiple passes as you might have to un-engineer your open jobs first, then re-engineer and possibly re-schedule as well.

Good luck!

thanks for your reply Ernie. I suspected as much - however we had a ‘former’ Epicor user indicating that this could be done. Perhaps his previous company was using the DMT tool.

Thanks again, Jill

@Ernie is correct. Nothing out of the box.
But in addition to DMT, it would also be possible to create an updatable dashboard to do updates to the jobs. You could have the BAQ in the dashboard only return open jobs, and then filter by any of the values… it could return all the materials or all the operations, and then allow you to change the values.
But the same restriction applies here as you might need to unengineer the jobs if you have that setting in your company settings turned to true.