Enhancement Request 21635MPS - Purchasing Lead Time plus Buffer Time

This enhancement request relates to the Buyer's Workbench and new PO
suggestions. If your lead-time is 10 days and your buyers buy
directly from the workbench by the simplest method the material will
come in on the day it is required. (Some time that day, probably
after you already needed it)

This enhancement request would allow you to decide how many days
early you would want a shipment and automatically make that the due
date in Buyer's Workbench.

You could probably achieve the same result by modifying lead-times
and manually changing the due date for every PO, but that is time
consuming and a bit confusing.

If you think this sounds like something you would like to see in
Vantage, please call support and add your company to the list.

Doug Oswald

Summary: PM How can he add a buffer to his lead time for PO's
Book: Change Requests
Request no.: 21635MPS

Description / Steps to reproduce:

Buyers Workbench when looking at the Demand for Jobs there is a Lead-
Time for this Demand but that is the only option for calculating in
the extra time needed for this demand.
Is there a buffer zone?
How can he indicate to his buyers that he needs this part into the
plant before the lead time.
Lead-time + buffer.

Need to have another field to add an additional Buffer Zone, or time
period, to extend the time beyond the Lead-Time.
Buyers need to have an additional field to get a more accurate
picture for this demand.