EpiBinding not working (QuoteDtl.AnalysisCode on SO Entry)

We’d like to see Analysis code on SO Tracker/Entry. I got it on Tracker using a pair of FKV’s pretty easily, even though it was my first trip down that particular path (pats self on back). When I started on Order Entry, I was pleasantly surprised to see that QuoteDtl.AnalysisCode is an available EpiBinding - but it does not work. I tried adding FKVs again, but got confused and not sure why I’d need to. What am I missing?

I don’t believe the QuoteDtl view is ever populated…

Is that something I could cause to happen? :sheep:

Yes. Create a Foreign Key View (FKV). There are likely posts on this site to show you how. You will need a Sub Table too.

FKV + Sub Table worked great on Order Tracker, even though I sortof stumbled through it. I suppose I can take another crack at it with Order Entry, but when I tried to replicate it I hit some snags (don’t recall what they were now, exactly). I just thought it odd that I could drill straight to the field I wanted in the control properties without bringing in any more tables… but it just doesn’t populate my box. I made a ticket with Epicor also, and they are looking at it now as well

Thanks for reply!

It’s a problem now: