Foreign Key View issues in Tracker

So I creating a customization on my AR Invoice Entry screen and I need to use a FKV and it worked perfect with no issues. When I tried to apply the same FKV in tracker not all my fields are showing available in from the FKV. It is really odd. Plus I noticed that the tables it has is slightly different.

You can see there is ShipHead that shows by default on the Invoice Tracker (it is not on AR Invoice Entry). I selected the field I wanted from Ship Head and it does not display.

So I added the FKV of Ship Head to see if that works. I applied it fine . When I go back to the custom field I created for the Tracking Number; I look under the FKV I careated and it is not listed. There are also fields missing from the OrderDtl and ShipDtl table and they are fine on my AR Invoice Entry customization.

Any thoughts to what is going on?