EpiCombo Help

I am new to customizing the Epicor screens and need some help with EpiCombo. I have done some basic text fields or checkboxes but I am getting stuck on the EpiCombo. I need to create a dropdown with High, Medium, Low on the quote/opp entry screen. Our sales department doesn’t want to just use the alpha character Epicor supplies in the rating box due to fear of mistyping. Can anybody give me a quick guide or walk-through on setting up EpiCombo boxes? Even some pointers would be fine.

Well–you’re posting this in the Kinetic section, but your tag says 10.2.700. Very different processes in Kinetic vs Epicor. Which one are you trying to add this to?

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Sorry, didn’t know I had to keep the version updated under preference. We are cloud based currently on 2021.1.9

So, for Kinetic, you would add the combo box, give it a name, set the binding in the data section, then scroll down towards the bottom. You’ll see a property called List. Add your items in there. Then, to get them to display, there are two fields above that called Text Field and Value Field. Set those to display and value respectively–both lowercase.
You can also set the Drop down Style to Drop down List to prevent others from adding their own.

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