Kinetic Combo box - CustomerList

I created a Classic Combo box to pull in the Customer Name into a UD field using the properties below. I’ve tried re-creating in Kinetic but cannot get it to display the Customer.Name in the drop down list to select from using a Combo box. Also, does Classic customizations such as combo boxes auto convert over to Kinetic when deployed in Kinetic form?

Create a ERP-Combo.
Give it an ID and Label Text

Bind it: I am using TransView.CustNum

Set the type
and Subtype: Default - This is base configuration (boiler plate from Epicor)

Under advanced.

You can add your filters e.g


and… Magic Meme GIF - Magic Meme - Discover & Share GIFs


The classic to kinetic conversion tool is shit… Better of adding it from the start…


That worked, thanks!