EpiCombo tied to UDCodes: can SearchFilter can have more than one field?

Hello all,

In Quote form, I have a EpiCombo, using UserCodes, where I specify the SearchFilter to be as follows:
CodeTypeID = ‘ChoixQuali’

and it works great.
But, in my list, I have added info in the LongDesc. I want to use the LongDesc to (my purpose) dynamically differentiate the list based on another field (TaskID)
So I have 10 codes of that type, 5 have LongDesc = M, and another 5 having LongDesc = T.

My goal was to specifiy the searchFilter of the EpiCombo :
SearchFilter = CodeTypeID = ‘ChoixQuali’ and LongDesc = ‘T’ or
SearchFilter = CodeTypeID = ‘ChoixQuali’ and LongDesc = ‘M’
based on the TaskID value.

The dropdown is a grey square as no list appear.
My autoWidth property is False

Is it possible to have multiple searchfilter fields ?? My way of doing it is not valid?

Thanks for any input…


Ahhhh Sorry… I had read this from another post, but got sidetracked and forgot about it.

Adding a ‘test’ DescColumnName has solved the issue. DescColumnName must have a value…it seems…


oops, I thought it was working but it is not (I had opened a previous custo…by mistake… )
So back to square one with this…


What about a BAQCombo? You can add a calculated field to you BAQ and either filter it through a screen customization or the BAQ markup.
Here’s an video on doing the markup.

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