Epicor 11 - Any confirmed or unconfirmed info?

It is listed in the Epicor ERP Update Schedule on their website as late June.
What can we expect?

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Late June is likely accurate. They will time around Insights (hopefully that’s a-go). Expect not a ton of changes if you are sticking to Classic and ignoring Kinetic. Otherwise expect to start learning how to use AppStudio.


I don’t even know how to get AppStudio!

Well, you better go to insights then!


love customer to customer advertising :slight_smile: There will be a lot of documentation about it. I’m not entirely sure but I think app studio might be there already in 10.2.700. I know it is is involved in the generation of the kinetic version of dashboards and that is in 10.2.700.


Epicor 11. It goes to 11.


During a preview/demo (I think it was for App Studio), the presenter said some feature wasn’t ready just yet and “we’ll have to take it to 11.” I laughed, but it wasn’t a joke; she deadpanned the line.

Then I tried to explain the humor of this to my wife, who just rolled her eyes as usual. Then I showed her this same clip. And again, no laughter whatsoever.

Gotta say, though, I truly enjoy being married to someone who is not a nerd.


AMEN @JasonMcD… even now I can cock one eyebrow, deadpan “Fascinating”… and she still has no idea what the reference is.


@Patrick also see Epicor 11.1. They shut my thread down as speculation :grin:, but it has been mentioned to us several times.

@pferrington Yup: https://epicweb.epicor.com/resources/MRCCustomers/Epicor%2010.2.700%20Customer%20Announcement.pdf

Eli @AlwaysFocus has been having a blast playing with Functions!

App studio is accessed by going into any Kinetic form and clicking on the top right ellipses and clicking on “Customization”. This does require have the permission to do so on your account though. image


Does anyone know if AppStudio can access anything client side in version 11+? Last I saw, it is just frontend to build javascript modules and could not access client side devices (ie, scales, printers, scanners, client software, etc). They were moving logic into BPM land which is fine but seems like the client issue really needs to be addressed before my company can switch to Kinetic.

If you can access those devices via code then you can do that by building Epicor Functions and then calling those functions from Kinetic to perform any action you wish.

@AlwaysFocus Do BPM functions run on the client device? I was under the impression they run on the server so would be limited to what the server has access to.

That I’m not entirely sure on but I assume that it’s running on the server. I misinterpreted your post as you already having the functionality built into your BPMs, that’s my bad. If your devices support IoT then you could probably make it work using the IoT (module?) menu in Epicor.

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Here’s an example of an IoT setup: Epicor IoT | Integrate IIoT Devices & Epicor — GingerHelp — GingerHelp


As of yesterday, it’s posted on the Epicor site (Under Documentation - Announcements for E10) that 11.1.100 is slated for release in April 2021. I have asked for an E11 category: Can we please get an E11 category?11.1.100 Upgrade Coming in April.pdf (172.4 KB)

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@josecgomez - can we get this thread moved to the E11 category?

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