Kinetic is the New Name for Epicor ERP

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Seems like we might need a new Category and/or Tag soon… oh and a new website URL perhaps.

Kinetic is the New Name for Epicor ERP

Exciting things are happening at Epicor. You may have noticed a recent change in our visual identity, but one thing hasn’t changed: our focus on you, our Epicor for Manufacturing customers.

As a valued customer, we want you to be the first to hear our great news.

We offer the ideal platform for manufacturers like you who make the things that keep the world moving. We see this across all industries we serve. Through our recent evolution to a great new user experience, it became clear that Kinetic is more than a name for an industry-leading user experience. It represents the lively, energetic impact of your entire ERP solution to accelerate your ambitions.

Kinetic is the new name for Epicor ERP!

You will see this name change with the next release, Kinetic is currently planned for general availability on June 10, 2021, and this will showcase an industry-leading experience for users that is:

• Made for use anywhere, browser-based in the cloud, on any device with a consistent experience

• Made for personal use with guided workflow, easy tailoring, and the ability to connect digitally

• Made for efficiency and greater productivity with a simple, easy to use interface that offers industry-focused features and leverages intelligence for greater automation

Stay tuned in the coming months to learn more about the release of Kinetic (the new name of Epicor ERP).



We’ll work on the re-branding… as far as new URL… well… :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure hope they improve the Kinetic interface… :unamused:


Version 11 is much much better and they are taking a lot of feedback so please “mash” that feedback button as much as possible!


Can’t wait for our chief resident who moved my cheese specialist to weight in @ckrusen :rofl:


I still use the Classic Shell!


The link didn’t bring up the sheet for me…

Wouldn’t it be ?

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WOW… the new Kinetic user help site looks JUST LIKE the old Epicor site! Jose you’re a GENIUS!!!

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Way ahead of yall :slight_smile:


So what’s the plan with their Kinetic UI for the other systems? I thought this was supposed to be the one ui to rule them all?

I’m sure they will still use the framework for their other software packages. Possibly rename it but I’m not sure that this impacts any of those plans or why it would.

Get that domain ASAP!

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Way ahead of everyone it seems :wink:

Free Marketing slogan for Epicor:

Turn all your potential into Kinetic.


^ this right here… wins the internet… give this man a f*cking medal… or a job… @EpicorMarketingTeam


Oh, I’m sure they’ve thought of it already…

Owner of formerly the kinetic framework here - we’re renaming the framework and design system “Epicor Design System” :slight_smile: , it’s still the one ui to rule them all. Our mistake for coming up with too cool of a name.


@Mark_Wonsil You sir, are a genius. Your humor seems to know no limits!

If I was, I wouldn’t be a former physics major. :wink: