Epicor 9.05.700C - MRP process takes over any running processes and slows everything down

Hi all,
We had a crash of our Epicor 9.05.700C server a little over 2 weeks ago. We got everything back up and running from a Third Party Backup Software image and thought we were good to go. Now every time I run a full regen MRP it takes 5 - 8 hours when we have users using Epicor and when no one is using Epicor it takes 2 hours. We have the same kind of thing happening with PO Suggestions and Capture COS/WIP. The common thread mostly seems that the processes that are having problems use the MRP.p program to run. Just wondering if anyone out there has experienced anything like this and how did you get past it? Please any suggestions, tips, tricks would be most welcome.

Thanks so much!

Jill Schoedel

you cant run the MRP during business hours, there is no way around it, even on E10 this still generates issues. easier to put it on an schedule and run it during the evening.

Two hours is a pretty typical MRP run for us, and I do it all the time. I never run it during the business day, unless I have to run a single item in Net Change mode. Even then, I try to do it when the shop is not running (lunchtime).

We’ve had runs go as long as 3-4 hours. We also do not have a large database, but our items have a ton of operations. Most of the MRP time is spent scheduling jobs.

Thank you for your replies. We don’t have the option of not running it during business hours. We are close to a 24 x 5 shop. For the past 10 years we have been running a morning Full Regen, noon time net change that only goes out 2 weeks and then a 6 pm net change that goes out one week. It has been working great until the crash on 11/16/20. Don’t you just love computers:>)

@JillMetalworks Can you give us the basics of the restore? virtual/physical same hardware or different. If your appserver setup is restored to as it was then the issue could be in the restored image. cpu, memory, cstates, bios, performance settings on the server.

Are you running a second appserver to handle printing and tasks? How many processors/schedulers are you giving to MRP?

Good Morning Greg,
We did a Hyper-V restore from our backup software to the same server that the original Hyper-V VM resided on. So the setup is exactly the same. We are not sure when the real problem that caused the crash occurred so the image we restored could have issues as well.
Yes I am running a 2nd appserver to handle the printing and tasks. Historically we have been running MRP with 3 processors and 2 schedulers. This morning I am trying an full regen MRP that only goes out 3 weeks and I changed the processors to 4 and the schedulers to 3. Seems to be moving slower than yesterday’s full regen with no date barrier.
I am in the process of bringing up another server (older server) with Hyper-V and creating a new Epicor 9 VM from the install programs. I am then going to attempt to restore a backup of our current database to it and see how it functions. If all goes well then I can put the newly created VM on our newer server that the troublesome VM currently resides on.
Has anyone gotten Epicor 9.05.700C 64-bit Progress database to run on a newer operating system other than Windows Server 2008 R2? Just curious.

            Thanks for reaching out:>)