Epicor BPM - MRP

Does anyone know what Conversion 580 - ConversionID cvbm0002 - Recalculate Part Low Level Codes does.

I have created some bpms that create PartRevs, PartOprs and PartMtls but Mrp does not plan correctly unless I run this conversion each time.

I am not sure what I am missing in my bpms.


Are you using the business objects when creating PartRevs, PartOprs and PartMtls?

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This program explodes through your BOMs and finds out the deepest level for a part among all Bills. MRP groups parts by level for processing and by knowing the deepest level, it can save up all demand from other levels and process them at once. This is a trick that most MRP systems use to be faster.


Thank you for the reply.
No - I am backending.
I receive an error when using the Business Objects.


Thank you for the reply.
Do you know what tables it populates?


You’re better off fixing errors doing this through the BOs than trying to duplicate all of the logic that you’re currently missing.


I agree - but I hit a dead end on the error and changed direction.
It’s never sat 100% comfortable with me - the backending element of the solution.


Yeah, I can’t tell you what’s happening in the background.

Can you leverage DMT? A lot of people have success using that method and it uses the BOs to do the work.


I create many Parts within a Quote - some with multi levels - with 50+ Parts.
These Parts are Make to Stock so when I win a Quote I need to create all the Parts (some of which may already exist), create the Revs, create the Bom, create the Boo - all before entering the Sales Order.

It is this process I am trying to automate.

Hope this makes sense.