Epicor CMS | Technical information

It will be great help if anyone can help me to let me know who we can see technical details of any form in Epicor EMS. I am looking to understand table name and columns associated with any particular form in it.

Not able to find field help.


want to post some screen shots to show us what you’re looking for?

I am looking for list of tables and columns used in Purchase Orders and Sales Orders? How I can identify which table is belong to PO and SO.

For eg if i want to know table name and column name of those highlighted fields.

ok wow. Sorry, I only just realized you said CMS - not familiar, looks like a whole different product. @Edge or @timshuwy is there an accepted help vector for this?

You should contact your Epicor CAM or Technical Support for more data. They may be able to point you to the correct source for this information. I am not aware of what the user community is like for CMS, and if there is something similar to Epiusers.help (I am an old ERP/Kinetic consultant).