Epicor Configuration Questions

Hi all,

I’m hoping to get some recommendations or feedback on how similar companies have their servers laid out and the hardware they are running. We are currently in the process of moving all of our Epicor environments to new hardware (SAN, Server, and Switches), as well as preparing for a 10.2 Upgrade this year. My questions are related to the server setup and configuration and what your recommendations might be. Below is a few tidbits of information on our company and configuration to help answer some questions you might have before giving a recommendation.

We have two locations that use Epicor. Our Connecticut Headquarters is where all of our Epicor servers are housed (75 users) and where sales/finance/admin takes place. Our Iowa location has a majority of the users (250 users) and is where all the manufacturing and distribution is done. We currently have a 20mbps MPLS connection between the 2 sites to host our Epicor, VoIP, and Exchange. We are also using MES (40-50) and handhelds (40) in Iowa. Our LIVE database is around 170GB and growing quickly. Our Epicor environment is completely virtual, running VMWare.

• Should we be using multiple app servers or will one suffice? (Currently we have 3 app servers that sometimes gives us issues with BPM’s propagating properly. Even though we are using DFS).
• Should we use multiple task agents when we move to 10.2?
o If so, does that mean multiple task agent servers as well? Or multiple task agents on the same server?
• We had issues with Terminal servers in the past for our Iowa campus and MES stations. Is that something we should revisit, or does Client seem to be the way to go for remote offices?
• What is the recommended setup for the servers? RAM? CPU?
o What is best practice for splitting up the servers and what applications must be on separate servers? Which applications can co-exist?

Any other recommendations or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Here are some quick answers. I can elaborate if you need more details.

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I would wait a week and see what comes out in Nashville. If you are going down there, I would look for Matt Meyers who runs the Epicor SAAS platforms. He’s going to be your best resource in real world performance.


Hi John,
We are heading down to Nashville for Insights. I will definitely try to get in touch with Matt Meyers. I appreciate the suggestion!

Thanks Dan!